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Letter from Governour Trumbull to New-York Committee of Safety



Lebanon, March 22, 1776.

SIR: Eliphalet Dyer and William Williams, Esquires, are authorized and empowered by the Governour and Council appointed to assist him in the recess of the General Assembly, to move your body to grant this Colony for its use the loan of such a number and sizes of cannon as you can spare without detriment, which, if granted, the return of them, or their value, shall be secured. The reason of this application is, that we have undertaken to set the furnace


at Salisbury in blast, to cast cannon, &c˙, for use at this important crisis of publick affairs; that the hearth is laying, ore, coal, and every other necessary preparing, workmen provided for every part of the business, and hope to begin to cast cannon in all next month, or early in May. They can with greater ease be transported to New-York (and used where needed) than brought here. In the mean time, fearing our necessity of cannon for use before this work can be effected, and apprehending that a great number of various sizes may be spared from your Colony without injury to the common service, we therefore hope for a compliance with our motion.

This Colony have been exploring lead-mines. One at Middletown is opened, fifty or sixty tons of ore raised, a smelting furnace built there, and expect thirty or forty tons of lead to be run out soon. A Committee appointed by our Assembly in October last to explore and examine a lead-mine at New-Canaan, in your Colony, made report at our session in December last. A copy thereof is enclosed. If worthy of your attention, and ore is raised there, the furnace at Middletown may serve for smelting what is raised at both places. Any service we can render your Colony in that or any other instance, will be done with pleasure.

I am, with great truth and regard, sir, your most obedient humble servant,


To the Honourable Nathaniel Woodhull, Esq.