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Committee of Westchester to New-York Committee of Safety



White Plains, September 11, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: None of the inhabitants of the Manor of Fordham or West-Farms having appeared to support the allegations of their petition, the consideration of which you referred to us, we have appointed a Sub-Committee to inquire into the matter, and report to us, at our next meeting, how they find the case circumstanced.

Complaints having been made to this Committee that an Independent Company is now forming in this County, and that the person who is most active about raising a Company expects a commission from the Committee of Safety this week, we are induced to request that no commissions for Independent Companies may be given out for this County, as it will make the raising of Minute Companies exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, and put the County into great confusion.

We enclose you the affidavit of Mr˙ William Hadley, one of our Committee, a man of unblemished character, respecting the conduct of John Cock, who was chosen a Captain by the inhabitants of the Yonkers. Affidavits will also be forwarded, as soon as possible, of Mr˙ Cock' s speaking very disrespectfully of the Congress.

If the Committee of Safety are of opinion that it is improper to give Mr˙ Cock a commission, we submit


whether it will not be necessary to acquaint those of our body who live in the Yonkers therewith, that they may proceed to a new election.

We enclose a list of the Field-Officers nominated by the Committee of this County, which we beg leave to recommend to the Provincial Congress as persons properly qualified for the several places for which they are nominated.

We are, Gentlemen, your most humble servants. By order of the Committee:


To John Haring, Esq˙, Chairman of the Committee of Safety at New-York.