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Massachusetts Board of War to Messrs. Jackson, Tracy, and Tracy



War-Office, Boston, 3d December, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Your Mr˙ Jackson mentioning to us your offer to freight a parcel of oil now at Newburyport to Bordeaux


in your ship Montgomery, Captain Row, you will oblige us to apply to the owners of said oil, which we suppose to be train oil; and if it be of good quality, and they will take four pounds per barrel, or thirty-two pounds, lawful money, per ton of two hundred and fifty-two gallons, please to purchase the whole for account of Government, provided you will carry it in said ship. We will pay for the freight of it three pounds ten shillings sterling per ton; and if you can afford it for a less sum, we presume you will not insist upon our offer. Enclosed you have a letter to Nathaniel Carter, Esq˙, also to Mr˙ John White, with applications to them for some shipping furs they have. If either or both those gentlemen incline to part with them for the service of their country, please to receive them, and ship them per Captain Rowe, for Bordeaux. Enclosed you have a letter to Messrs˙ Penet & Son, at Bordeaux, which you will please to send forward to them, with an invoice or bill lading, provided you obtain any oil or furs as mentioned.

By order of the Board of War:

JA˙ WARREN, President.