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Queen Anne County, Maryland, Resolutions



At a Meeting of a considerable number of the Magistrates, and other the most respectable Inhabitants of Queen Anne' s County, at Queenstown on the thirtieth day of May, 1774, in order to deliberate upon the tendency and effect of the Act of Parliament for blocking up the port and harbour of Boston.

Duly considering and deeply affected with the prospect of the unhappy situation of Great Britain and British America, under any kind of disunion, this meeting think themselves obliged by all the ties which ever ought to preserve a firm union amongst Americans, as speedily as possible to make known their sentiments to their distressed brethren of Boston; and therefore publish to the world:

That they look upon the cause of Boston, in its consequences to be the common cause of America.

That the Act of Parliament for blocking up the port and harbour of Boston, appears to them a cruel and oppressive invasion of their natural rights, as men, and constitutional rights as English subjects, and if not repealed, will be a foundation for the utter destruction of American freedom.

That all legal and constitutional means ought to be used by all America for procuring a repeal of the said Act of Parliament.

That the only effectual means of obtaining such repeal, they are at present of opinion is an Association under the strongest ties, for breaking off all commercial connections with Great Britain until the said Act of Parliament be repealed, and the right assumed by Parliament for taxing America, in all cases whatsoever be given up, and American freedom ascertained, and settled upon a permanent constitutional foundation.

That the most practicable mode of forming such an effectual Association, they conceive, to be a general meeting of the gentlemen who are already or shall be appointed Committees to form an American and correspondence upon this most interested, occasion.

That in the mean time they will form such particular Associations as to them shall seem effectual; yet professing themselves ready to join in any reasonable general one that may he desired as aforesaid.

That these sentiments be immediately forwarded to be printed in the Maryland and Pennsylvania Gazettes.

That Edward Tilghman, Solomon Wright, Turbut Wright, John Brown, Richard Tilghman Earle, James Holtyday, Thomas Wright, William Hemsley, Adam Gray, Clement Sewell, Richard Tilghman, James Kent, John Kerr, James Bordley, and William Bruff, be a Committee of Correspondence and Intercourse, until some alteration is made in this appointment by a more general meeting.

Attested by

JAMES EARLE, Clerk to Committee.