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Amendment to the Bill, in Relation to the Southern Boundary of Canada


The amendments of the Committee, were then severally read and agreed to by the House, except that made on the motion of Mr˙ Burke, on the 6th instant, in relation to the Southern boundary of Canada, which was amended to read as follows, and then adopted:

"Bounded on the South by a line drawn from the Bay of Chaleurs, along the high lands which divide the rivers that empty themselves into the river St˙ Lawrence, from those which fall into the sea, to a point of forty-five degrees of Northern latitude, on the Eastern bank of the river Connecticut, keeping the same latitude, directly West, through the Lake Champlain, until, in the same latitude, it meets the river St˙ Lawrence; from thence, up the Eastern bank of the said river, to the Lake Ontario; thence through the Lake Ontario, and the river commonly called Niagara, along the Eastern, and South-eastern bank of Lake Erie, following the said bank, until the same shall be intersected by the Northern boundary granted by the charter of the Province of Pennsylvania, in case the same shall be so intersected; and from thence along the said Northern and Western boundaries of the said Province, until the said Western boundary strike the Ohio. But in case the said bank of the said lake shall not be found to be so intersected, then following the said bank, until it shall arrive at that point of the said bank which shall be nearest to the Northwest angle of the said Province of Pennsylvania; and thence, by a right line to the said Northwest angle of the said Province; and thence along the Western boundary of the said Province."