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Stephen Moylan to William Watson



Cambridge, November 16, 1775.

SIR: I have it in command from his Excellency to desire you will deliver unto Charles Coffin and Sibelline White their bedding and wearing apparel; also, Jonathan Coffin' s. Let them be well examined, lest any goods or cash may bo secreted amongst them. The first of them says he gave Captain Coit seven half joes. You will please to receive them, and account for them with the produce of the cargoes.

I am really at a loss to know whether it is customary to give the cash found in the pockets of prisoners to them with their wearing apparel. I do not think these people merit any indulgence. However, his Excellency would rather err on the side of mercy than that of strict justice. Let me know your opinion of this matter.

I am, with much regard, Sir, yours, &c˙,

S˙ MOYLAN, Sec˙ pro tem.

William Watson, Esq˙, Plymouth.

Shall we ever hear of Captain Martindale' s departure?