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Committee to Prepare a Resolve


Post Meridian.

The House resumed the consideration of the Resolutions of the Continental Congress, laid before them on Thursday, the 22d instant;

and, after some time spent therein,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gray, Mr˙ Reed, Mr˙ Rodman, Mr˙ Gibbons, Mr˙ Slough, Mr˙ Swoope, Mr˙ Chreist, Mr˙ Taylor, Mr˙ Dougherty, Mr˙ Hunter, and Mr˙ Thompson, be a Committee to make inquiry what part of the Arms and Accoutrements, directed by the late Assembly to be provided for publick use, are now completed, and when the whole will probably be procured; and that the said Members use their utmost endeavours to forward this necessary business in their respective Counties.

The House being informed by a Member, who is also a Member of the Committee of Safety, that the Committee have diligently applied themselves to the promoting the manufacture of good Arms in this Province,

Resolved, That the Resolution of Congress of the 4th of


November last be transmitted to the Committee of Safety, and that they be directed to prosecute their measures for the procuring good Arms with the utmost industry.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gray, Mr˙ Miles, Mr˙ Morris, Mr˙ Reed, Mr˙ Wynkoop, Mr˙ Pyle, Mr˙ Ross, Mr˙ Taylor, and Mr˙ Thompson, be a Committee to prepare a Resolve inflicting the following punishments upon such persons as harbour Deserters from the Continental and Provincial Forces, knowing them to be such, viz: A fine upon all such offenders, not less than thirty nor more than fifty Dollars; and in case of refusal or Inability to pay the fine, to be punished with imprisonment, not exceeding — months for each offence; and that such Resolve do also extend to institute some proper Court or authority for the trial of such offenders, with suitable powers, and under proper limitations.

Ordered, That the Resolution of Congress, respecting the delegation of power to the Commander-in-Chief, or officer commanding a detachment or out-post, to administer an Oath, be referred to the said Committee, and provision made accordingly.

Ordered, That the Resolution recommending to the Legislatures of the several Colonies to erect Courts of Justice, for the purpose of determining concerning Captures, be adopted, and referred to the said Committee.

Ordered, That the Resolution for ascertaining the number of Inhabitants in each Colony, be recommended to the attention of the said Committee; and that this service be performed by the Township and Ward-Assessors within their respective Districts.

Ordered, That the Resolution recommending to the several Assemblies to pass Acts or Ordinances for prohibiting arrests of Continental and Provincial Soldiers, be complied with, and referred to the said Committee.