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Letter Presented to the House


Wednesday, February 8, 1775.

A Letter was presented to the House, from the Honourable Stephen Skinner, Esq˙, which by order of the House was read, and is as follows, viz:

MR˙ SPEAKER: The Message of the House, ordering the late Treasurer to attend this day at ten o' clock, to inquire of him the deficiency of the Treasury, I have received; but as I have the Honour to be one of his Majesty' s Council, I can' t possibly attend till such time as I have laid the order before the Council, which I shall immediately do upon their meeting.

As the order is to inquire concerning the deficiency of the Treasury, I can assure the House, had I been apprized of their wanting the publick money, I should have taken care that the whole should have been in the Treasury for their inspection; but as I have amply secured the Treasurer, I shall take care that he shall have the whole amount of the bond I have given him within the time appointed for cancelling the publick money.

I am with great respect, your' s and the House' s most humble servant,


February 8, 1775.