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Committee of Belfast, Etc., To the Massachusetts Congress



Penobscot, June 7, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We, the subscribers, being duly appointed a Committee by the inhabitants settled on Penobscot River, the inhabitants of Belfast, Majabigwaduce, and Benjamin' s River, to make a representation to you of the difficulties and distress the said inhabitants are under in respect to the scarcity of corn and ammunition, occasioned by the interruption of vessels which they depended upon for their supplies, and also the impediments in the exportation from the seaport Towns from different Committees, after the said articles have been purchased: We accordingly herewith send you the votes of said inhabitants, passed by them at a general meeting, on Tuesday, the 6th day of June instant, which we are to pray your consideration of, being encouraged thereto from the many instances of favour and assistance which the Province have heretofore afforded to this infant settlement; and without some at this time, we have real cause to apprehend that these promising settlements may be broken up. We are further to assure you that the said inhabitants are ready, with their lives and all they have, to support the cause which this Country is engaged in, in defence of their liberties and privileges, and will hold themselves in readiness for that purpose. The said Committee are also to inform you that it was represented at the said meeting that the establishment of Fort Pownall is nearly expired; that the commander of the said fort, in obedience to the commands of the Governour, delivered to his order the artillery and some arms belonging to the said fort; that he also delivered to our own inhabitants in the different parts of this vicinity, upon their application, some arms and ammunition, reserving only a small quantity of each for the use of the soldiers belonging to said garrison, which occasions the said fort at this time to be very bare in those respects. We are also to represent to you that the Town of Belfast is in want of about one dozen stands of arms, which is not practicable to be got here. All which we are enjoined to lay before you, gentlemen, who represent the Province in this unhappy time, and to pray you to take the same into your consideration, and give them such relief as, upon mature deliberation, you judge expedient.

We are, in behalf of the said inhabitants, gentlemen, your most humble servants,


To the Honourable Gentlemen assembled at Cambridge in Provincial Congress.