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To the Honourable Provincial Congress of the Government of NEW-YORK:

I, your humble Petitioner, Isaac Youngs, beg leave once more to address myself to you in the most dutiful manner, and beg to be relieved from these bands of irons, which are sore and desperate, which I dare say any man that ever was exercised therewith will assert the same. Gentlemen, I can assert to you that I have passed these many days with very sore legs, and in continual pain in one of my knees, which has been hurt by a fall of a horse. Gentlemen, I beg that I may not be forgotten, and long to have our cases taken into consideration, that I may have liberty to satisfy the House that I have suffered wrongfully; and I think the time long that I am confined for nothing, for I denied the charge laid against me, by reason I thought it was a sin, which I did assert to you in my examination. And if anything more than this is alleged against me by anybody, I should be glad to know it, for it is groundless and absolutely false, which I don' t doubt I can make appear to you if I could have a hearing. Gentlemen of the honourable Congress, I think it a hard case to be taken away from my family, in their distressed situation, and to be confined in irons, when I never have committed any crime. Gentlemen, I can do no more than beg for tenderness, mercy, and humanity.


June 10,1776.