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Letter from Richard Peters to Maryland Council of Safety



War Office, October 26, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I am directed by the Board of War, in answer to your letter of the 18th instant, to inform, you that it is their opinion, and they request you will direct, that the Rifle company you mention in your letter, be immediately marched to Philadelphia. If clothes cannot be provided for them where they are, which would be much the best, as clothing of all sorts is extremely difficult to be had at Philadelphia, and blankets are not to be procured at any rate, they might be armed and accoutred, but might lie here a very considerable time before clothes and blankets could be furnished. You' ll therefore be pleased to endeavour at supplying them with blankets and whatever other necessaries can be had your way, as this Stale is drained of all articles required by the army. If muskets were given them instead of rifles, the service would be more benefitted, as there is a superabundance of riflemen in the army. Were it in the power of the Congress to supply muskets, they would speedily reduce the number of rifles, and replace them with the former, as they are more easily kept in order, can be fired oftener, and have the advantage of bayonets.

I have the honour to be your very obedient servant,


To the honourable Council of Safety of Maryland.