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Petition of Thomas McCobb


Post Meridiem. Convention met.

The Petition of Thomas M' Cobb, of Lincoln County, in the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay, setting forth, that in consequence of a Resolution of the General Court of that Colony, he had obtained a permit from the Selectmen and Committee of Correspondence of Georgetown, in Lincoln County, in the same Colony, to import Grain into the said County, and praying leave to load his Vessel, was read; and, thereupon, it is,

Resolved, That the said Petitioner be allowed to load his said Vessel in Somerset County: And it is,

Ordered, That the loading of the said Vessel be under the inspection of the Committee of Observation for Somerset County, who are required, before the said Vessel shall depart, to appoint the track for her voyage, and have the Captain and Mate of her sworn to perform the same, so far as they can, and that they will use their utmost endeavours to land her cargo in the County of Lincoln, in the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay aforesaid.

Ordered, That the Clerk make out and transmit a copy of the above Resolution to the Committee of Somerset County.