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Instructions to Peter Long


Agreeable to an Order of the Board, directions for Peter Long, Gentleman, as Ships' Husband to the Armed Boats, was this day drawn up, approved of, and is as follows:

"In Committee of Safety.

"To PETER LONG, Gentleman:

"You are hereby appointed Ships' Husband to the Pennsylvania Fleet, and empowered to do all such matters and things as may be necessary for the due execution of the said office. You are to make known to all commanders and other officers employed in the said Fleet, that they are to apply through you for all stores and necessaries required for the service. You are to receive their indents or lists of what is wanted, report the same as often as is necessary to this Committee, and when the approbation of the Board is obtained, you are to procure the sundry articles of the best quality each in its kind; and it is your particular duty to buy them, on the best terms in your power. You are to take each officer' s receipt for the articles delivered to him, and you are to return the bills or accounts of those you purchase for this Board, certified by you that the quantities are what you received, and the prices that you agreed for, not being dearer than the current rates of each respective article at the time of purchase. You are empowered to inspect and inquire on board the Fleet, at least once in every month, and as much oftener as you may think necessary, whether all stores and necessaries are taken proper care of, and not neglected, wasted, or embezzled, and make report according as you find to this Board.

"This Board, being ever desirous to serve the publick faithfully, do recommend the most prudent economy in the outfits and supplies of the Fleets; they must have every


thing necessary, but avoid all expensive superfluities; and, in the purchase of what is wanted, give a preference to such persons as are known to be zealous supporters of the American cause, dividing the business amongst as many of such as can be done with conveniency, and consistently with the publick good."