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Letter from Gen. Schulyer


"Albany, February 14, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: On the 12th instant I was honoured with a letter from the Committee of Safety of this Colony, dated the 31st ultimo; extracts of which I enclose you, together with copies of sundry resolutions of the honourable Continental Congress.

"You will perceive by the resolutions of Congress, that the raising of Colonel Van Schaick' s regiment was a service intended for the Provincial Congress or Committee of Safety. But since they have sent me the money, and that the delay which must necessarily be occasioned by refusing my intervention, may be very prejudicial to the service at this advanced season, I will readily, with your assistance, undertake the business, provided you judge it practicable to complete the regiment in this quarter. If not, I would only issue warrants to such officers as served in that corps last campaign, and are willing to re-engage, which, together with such other officers (of which I enclose a list) to whom warrants were issued for raising troops, without designing them particularly for any regiment, (and three of which have already inlisted near three companies,) will, I apprehend, nearly complete the number of officers; a list of which I would transmit to the Colony Congress, that they may be sufficiently informed to appoint the remainder.

"Colonel Van Schaick has my orders to inform himself which of his officers on this side of Canada will re-engage.

Those in Canada will be provided for there.

"I am, gentlemen, with respect and esteem, your most obedient humble servant,


"To the Committee of the City and County of Albany."