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Commissioners to Obstruct


In Congress, Saturday, March 23, 1776.

The Congress met.
And the Journal of yesterday was read.

Thomas Waring, duly elected and returned a Member of Congress for the Parish of St˙ George, Dorchester, in the room of William Sanders, Esq˙, deceased, attending, and declaring that he was willing to serve,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Waring do take his seat accordingly.

Resolved, That the Commissioners appointed yesterday


for laying such obstructions to the navigation of the channels over Charlestown Bar, and in the harbour, as they shall judge necessary, be, and they are hereby, authorized and required, to prepare proper Fire-Vessels, for the most effectual annoyance of any enemy that shall attempt to enter the said harbour.

Ordered, That Captain Lempriere be added to the said Commissioners.

Resolved, That all the Letters which have been put on board the Ship Fort-Henderson, be forthwith brought from


thence, and lodged in the Constitutional Post-Office, and there delivered to the several persons claiming; the claimants opening the same in the office, to prevent misdelivery.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Edwards, Captain Roger Smith, Mr˙ Hall, Mr˙ Loocock, Mr˙ Corbett, and Mr˙ Dupont, be, and they are hereby, appointed Commissioners for unlading and valuing the Cargo of the Ship Port-Henderson, and for fixing a reasonable rate at which the said Cargo shall be sold, for consumption or for sale, at a price not exceeding the purchase and carriage, in small quantities, by retail; and for employing proper persons to execute this service, allowing such proper persons a reasonable compensation for their trouble.

Resolved, That the Commissioners appointed to purchase Salt, do take, for the publick benefit, all such Salt as they can find in the hands of private persons, as expressed in the Resolve of the 19th instant, for the uses therein mentioned; paying for the said Salt twenty-five Shillings per bushel, and allowing for each family from whom such Salt shall be taken, sufficient for such family' s use during six months.