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Message from the Commons


TUESDAY, February 7, 1775.

A Message was brought from the House of Commons by the Lord George Germaine, and others:

To desire a Conference with this House upon the state of his Majesty' s Colonies in North America.

To which the House agreed.

The Messengers were again called in, and told "that the Lords agree to a Conference as is desired, and appoint the same presently in the Painted Chamber."

Then the Lords following were named Managers of the Conference:

Lord President, (Earl Gower,) Lord Privy Seal, (Duke of Grafton,) Duke Chandos, Duke Newcastle, Lord Chamberlain, (Earl of Hertford,) Earl Denbigh, Earl Sandwich, Earl Plymouth, Earl Rochford, Earl Galloway, Earl Loudoun, Earl Dalhousie, Earl Marchmont, Earl Ferrers, Earl Macclesfield, Earl Bucks, Earl Hardwicke, Earl Darlington, Viscount Falmouth, Lord Bishop London, Lord Bishop Landaff, Lord Bishop Chester, Lord Bishop St˙ Davids, Lord Cathcart, Lord Sandys, Lord Scarsdale, Lord Digby.

The House being informed "That the Managers for the Commons were ready for the Conference in the Painted Chamber;"

The names of the Managers for the Lords were called over:

And the House was adjourned during pleasure, and the Lords went to the Conference.