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Col. Read to New-Hampshire Committee of Safety



Charlestown, Massachusetts, June 15, 1775.

SIRS: I beg leave to inform your body of my proceedings in the business I have the honour to be entrusted with in this difficult day. Gentlemen, on the second day of this instant, June, I received verbal orders from General Folsom, at Exeter, to repair to the westward part of the Province


of New-Hampshire, and to collect a number of men I had there enlisted as volunteers for the defence of the liberties of America, and in the service of said Province and cause, all able-bodied, effective men, well equipped, to march to Cambridge, and there to put myself and men under the command of General Ward until further order. In obedience of which I immediately pursued my orders, and notified the men, and likewise I notified the Selectmen of the Town of the vote of Congress, in regard to furnishing the men with blankets. Notwithstanding what they and I could do in that affair, my officers were obliged to leave a number of enlisted men behind, as you will see by their returns herewith enclosed

. On the twelfth of June, I arrived at Cambridge and waited on General Ward; he informed me that Cambridge was so thronged with soldiers, that he had given orders to Captains Spalding, Walker, and Crosby, to march to Medford. Then I repaired to Medford, and there I met with Captains Hinds, Whitcomb, Town, Hutchins, Man, Marcey, and Thomas. Whitcomb and Thomas I took out of Colonel Stoke' s Regiment for the two Companies that were assigned me. Then I was informed by Colonel Stark that Medford was so full of soldiers that it was necessary for some to take other quarters; then I applied to General Ward and received orders in these words: