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Sheffield, Massachusetts, Committee


Friday, May 12, 1775.

The Committee met according to adjournment.

John Westover and Job Westover appeared before the Committee; Noah Westover not being to be found, has not been notified. The Committee took into consideration the complaint against the said John and Job; and Captain Daniel Lawrence, his wife, Messrs˙ Jonathan Westover and Joseph Kingman, being adduced as witnesses, it appeared from their evidence (among many other matters) that the said John hath affirmed that the late Continental Congress, in their doings, were guilty of rebellion against the King; and that the said Job hath affirmed that the Parliament of Great Britain had a right to tax the American; and that each of them had said many things disrespectful of the said Congress, and the Provincial Congresses. The following question being, during the course of the examination, put to the said John and Job, viz: "If an engagement should unfortunately happen between the British and American Armies, which they would choose should prevail?" the said John answered, that the question was so difficult could, not give a direct answer. The said Job, in answer to said question, said that he supposed the consequences of a victory on the side of the American Army would be more prejudicial to this Country than the contrary. During the time the several matters aforesaid were under the consideration of the Committee, and before any resolution was had thereon, the said John voluntarily and solemnly engaged, that at no time hereafter will he do any thing detrimental to the cause now, contended for by this Country; and that so far as he understands the true intent and meaning of the doings of the Continental and Provincial Congresses he will not violate the same in any particular.

The following rnotion was then made and seconded, Whether the foregoing declaration of the said John is satisfactory to this Committee? It passed in the affirmative.

The following motion was then made and seconded, Whether the said Job is an enemy of American liberty? It passed in the affirmative unanimously. Therefore,

Resolved, unanimously, That the said Job Westover is an enemy of American liberty, and that it is the duty of all those who wish well to the cause of freedom, from henceforth to break off all dealings with the said Job.

Voted, That the Clerk do procure the foregoing proceedings with regard to said John and Job Westover, to be inserted in the American Oracle of Liberty.