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Recantation of William Wheten



Stamford, September 11, 1775.

Whereas I, the subscriber, being this day apprehended for being an enemy to my Country, and for being guilty of damning the honourable the Continental Congress, and all other friends to American liberty; likewise for holding meetings detrimental to the laws, liberty, and honour of American freedom; for which I do humbly and heartily beg forgiveness of God, and all friends to American liberty. And I do hereby promise, before God and my Country, to aid and assist in apprehending any person or persons that are supposed to be enemies to American liberty, and to do all in my power to suppress any such enemies, and to give the most secret and quick information against any enemy that I shall know of, convened, or convening on any such occasion, against the good of my Country.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand, the day and date above written; and this I desire to be transmitted to the publick prints.