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Selectmen of Edgartown to the Massachusetts Congress



To the Honourable the Members of the Provincial Congress to be held at WATERTOWN, on the 3lst day of MAY instant:

GENTLEMEN: Agreeable to the recommendation of the late honourable Provincial Congress, we have caused the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of Edgartown, qualified by law to vote for Representatives in the General Assembly, to meet, in order to elect and depute a Member or Members to represent them in a Provincial Congress to be held at Watertown, on the said 31st day of May instant, but did not elect or depute any Member or Members for the purpose aforesaid; because it was thought inexpedient, on account of the peculiar situation and circumstances of this small and much exposed Town; being situated on an Island, the communication to the main land not only difficult but dangerous, and frequently surrounded by armed vessels, by reason of the advantageous situation, and convenient harbour suitable for their reception; by reason whereof, a man-of-war is for the most part stationed here, to the great detriment and terrour of the inhabitants, and apprehensive that in case they publickly manifest any great degree of forwardness, with regard to the publick' s unhappy affairs of this Province, that some fatal consequence may ensue, being thus exposed. We are fully convinced that the inhabitants of this place have a most sincere regard for the Congress, and mean to follow and pursue their recommendations from time to time cheerfully with punctuality, consistent with their safety under their situation. We are therefore led to think that the situation of this people at this time deserves much pity and some indulgence. All which is humbly submitted in behalf of said Town of Edgartown.