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Letter from Francis Lewis


A Letter from Francis Lewis, Esq˙, one of the Marine Committee of Congress, dated the 27th ultimo, was read, and is as follows:

"GENTLEMEN: Upon the information given to the Marine Committee by Captain Patrick Dennis of the then state of the frigates built at Poughkeepsie, the said Committee desired me to inform you that it was their opinion


those ships, being launched, should as soon as possible be sent up to Esopus Creek, to be there laid up for the winter, as there appears at present no prospect of bringing them into service for this year. And it is their opinion that a Lieutenant of Marines be appointed, with orders given him to immediately inlist thirty marines to guard those frigates during winter, and that all such stores that are remaining, together with those belonging to such vessels as were ordered to be sunk in the North and East Rivers be also put under the care of said Lieutenant of Marines.

"That Captain Dennis, who has at present the custody of all the rigging, &c˙, belonging to the vessels so sunk, be directed to deliver the same to said Lieutenant, furnishing him with an inventory of the particulars, a copy thereof to be signed by the Lieutenant and transmitted to the Marine Committee, who apprehend the stores aforesaid will be this winter wanted by General Schuyler.

"In regard to the destination of the frigates for the winter, if you see any likelihood of their being brought into use, they are submitted entirely to your direction. Upon your nominating the Lieutenant, his commission will be sent up to you, as you are more immediately upon the spot. In regard to the frigates, the Marine Committee refers it to your judgment to direct what may be necessary to be done with them, and desires you would advise them thereof.

"I am, respectfully, sirs, your very humble servant,


"Philadelphia, 27 November, 1776."