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William Bartlett to General Washington



Beverly, December 20, 1775.

SIR: I hereby acknowledge the receipt of yours, per Colonel Glover, together with the two thousand dollars; also sundry letters since, concerning giving to the prisoners their private property; which orders, your Excellency may depend on, shall be punctually obeyed, with pleasure, for it always has been very disagreeable to me that any thing should be taken from them, and have done my utmost to prevent it; but it has been impracticable; which I hope your Excellency has heard, from different hands, to your satisfaction. Also your order with regard to the corn and oats on board the sloop Betsy, together with Thomas Mifflin, Esquire' s, order for the same. Colonel Glover has since arrived here; who informs me that Mr˙ Mifflin will not give so much as the cargo will sell for here; and that your Excellency is willing I should dispose of it at this place. I shall therefore wait your Excellency' s orders.

I have unloaded the brigantine Hannah, and stowed her cargo at Salem bridge. The coals out of the Concord go off very slow, on account of the price of teams. The butter taken out of her would sell exceeding well here, if your Excellency would think proper to give me orders to dispose of it. The porter on board the ship Jenny is of an inferior quality. I desire your Excellency' s orders concerning it.

Am in haste, with the greatest respect, your Excellency' s most obedient humble servant,


To His Excellency General Washington.