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Declared by John Coulson


Mr˙ Harnet from the Committee appointed to inquire into the conduct of John Coulson, reported their proceedings thereon; which were concurred with by the Congress. At the same time the said John Coulson gave into Congress the following declaration, to wit:

"I, John Coulson, do from the fullest conviction solemnly and sincerely declare, that I have been pursuing measures destructive of the liberties of America in general, and highly injurious to the peace of this Colony; and truly conscious of the heinousness of my guilt, do now publickly confess the same, and do solemnly and sincerely promise that I will for the future support and defend, to the utmost of my power, the constitutional rights and liberties of America; and in order to make atonement for my past guilt, that I will make use of every effort in my power to reclaim those persons whom I have seduced from their duty, and also to induce all other persons over whom I have influence, to aid, support and defend the just rights of America. In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand, this 22d day of August, 1775.


Resolved, That the said John Coulson be discharged from his attendance on this Congress.