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John Graham Released


John Bridgwater, James Holdin, and Thomas Hyat, all of the city of New-York, Innkeepers, personally came and appeared before the Committee of Safety, and jointly and severally engaged for John Graham, now a prisoner at the Upper Barracks, in manner following:

That the said John Graham will demean himself peaceably, and be of good behaviour towards all the friends of liberty in America, and not do any act, matter, or thing, contrary to any measure directed by the Continental Congress, or the Provincial Congress, or Committee of Safety of this Colony, or any Committee of any City, Town, Precinct, or District, in this or any other of the United Colonies.

And on failure of the said John Graham having complied with this engagement, in any instance, that they, the said John Bridgwater, James Holden, and Thomas Hyat, will surrender the said John Graham a prisoner, to any guard directed by the Provincial Congress, or Committee of Safety of this Colony, or commander of the Continental Army in this Colony, or, in default thereof, severally, bear, pay, sustain, and suffer, such pains and penalties as the said John Graham shall, in such case, be adjudged to bear, pay, sustain, or suffer.

Ordered, That the said John Graham, now a prisoner in the Guard-House, at the Upper Barracks, be discharged.