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Ordered, That Commissions be delivered to the Officers of Colonel Little' s Regiment, agreeable to a list recommended by the Committee of Safety.

A list of the Officers and Soldiers of Captain Samuel Sprague' s Company was presented to the Congress; whereupon,

Ordered, That Commissions be delivered to the said Officers, viz: Samuel Sprague, Captain; Joseph Cheever, Lieutenant; William Oliver, Ensign; and that the Company be joined to Colonel Gerrish' s Regiment.

Mr˙ Goodwin, agreeable to order, reported the following Resolve; which was accepted, viz:

Whereas, Captain Mackinster, of Spencer, and Captain Porter, of Becket, have enlisted, each a Company of men on the establishment of this Colony, and not joined as yet to any Regiment:

Resolved, That the said Companies be joined to Colonel John Patterson' s Regiment, now stationed at Cambridge, immediately: provided said Companies are full, or near full, and that each man is equipped with a good and sufficient Firelock; and that they join their Regiment as soon as may be.

Ordered, That Commissions be delivered to Captain Reuben Dow and Lieutenant John Goss, as officers, agreeable to the respective titles affixed to their names, in Col˙ Prescott' s Regiment.