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Instructions to Captain Reed


The following Instructions to Captain Reed, for the better government of the Navy now under his command, were this day drawn up, approved of, and sent him:

"SIR: We think it proper to acquaint you that Commodore Caldwell has, by his letter of the 27th instant, resigned the command of the fleet, as his ill state of health will not admit of his giving that attendance which the critical situation of publick affairs requires.

"The chief command of the fleet, consequently, for the present, devolves upon you, and you are hereby directed to see all the orders from this Board or from the Assembly strictly executed. As there is the greatest reason to apprehend an immediate attack, we think it absolutely necessary that the whole fleet under your command be in constant readiness.

"The barracks on Fort-Island being now ready for the accommodation of the officers belonging to the boats, you are directed to order all the boats to be stationed at Fort-Island. No officers of the fleet are to absent themselves without your leave, or the leave of the commanding officer; and you are not to suffer more than two officers to be absent at one time without some evident necessity, taking particular care that such officer return punctually at the time mentioned in his leave of absence. No officer of the fleet is to lie out of his boat or other vessel to which he belongs, without your leave, or the leave of the commanding officer.

"As the safety of this City and Province depends chiefly upon the armament under your command, we direct you to pay the strictest attention to the duties of your important station, and to establish such regulations as will conduce to promote good order and discipline, without which no military establishment can long subsist."