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Vote of Thanks to Lord Dunmore


Resolved unanimously, That the most cordial thanks of the people of this Colony are a tribute justly due to our worthy Governour, Lord Dunmore, for his truly noble, wise, and spirited conduct on the late expedition against our Indian enemy; a conduct which at once evinces his Excellency' s attention to the true interests of this Colony, and a zeal in the Executive Department which no dangers can divert or difficulties hinder from achieving the most important services to the people who have the happiness to live under his administration.

Resolved unanimously, That the thanks of this Convention be presented to the gentlemen Officers and Soldiers who lately so nobly defended this Colony from the savage enemy on our frontiers, and by their bravery, not only procured success to our arms, but must have convinced the enemy it will be their true interest to preserve the peace on the terms stipulated by his Excellency Lord Dunmore; that we sincerely condole with the relations and acquaintance of those brave men who so nobly fell in battle on that mournful event, and assure all who have rendered such important services to this Colony that, so soon as opportunity permits, we will most cheerfully do every thing on our part to make them ample satisfaction.