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Marine Committee Appointed


Sundry matters were proposed to Congress as useful and necessary to be done at and beyond Sandy-Hook, for the protection of trade. The Congress were unanimously of opinion that those matters will be most properly and beneficially managed by a Marine Committee appointed out of this Congress.

Thereupon, Ordered, That Mr˙ Randall, Mr˙ Rutgers, Captain Denning, Mr˙ Van Zandt, and Mr˙ Hallett, be, and they are hereby, appointed a Marine Committee, with full powers to take such measures, and give such directions, and employ such persons for the protection or advantage of trade, as they may think proper, useful, or necessary. That they apply to this Congress when they may be in doubt, or want advice or directions. That they be empowered to keep such matters secret as they think necessary, until they are executed. And that the said Marine Committee have the charge, care, and direction of fitting out the Sloop Bishop, according to the order made on the — instant. That they be also authorized to give directions as to all imports already arrived, or that may arrive in any of the Colonies on the account of this Colony; and that any three or more of them be a quorum for the purposes aforesaid.