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Doctor William Whiting


An Account exhibited by Mr˙ Ichabod Goodwin, was read, and committed to Deacon Stickney, Captain King, and Mr˙ Thompson.

The Report of the Committee on the motion of Doctor Whiting, was again read, amended, and accepted, and is as follows, viz:

The Committee appointed to take into consideration a motion made for sending some proper person to New-York, in order to advise with Doctor Graham and others, and procure from them directions for the manufacturing of Saltpetre, have attended that service, and beg leave to report, by way of Resolve; that Doctor William Whiting be a Committee to repair to New-York, and confer with Doctor Graham, or any other gentlemen that may have had experience in the manufacturing of Saltpetre; and that he be directed to procure from him or them, the most minute, particular, and intelligible account, relative to the manufacturing of this article possible; and that (if to be found) he procure and engage some ingenious person, who has been used to work in the business of making Saltpetre, to come immediately to this place, who shall be employed in said business; and that the expenses of said journey to New-York, and the travel of said workman to this place, be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony.