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June 10


In Committee of Safety, June 10, 1776.

Present: George Clymer, Chairman, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Joseph Parker, John Nixon, Owen Biddle, George Ross, Robert White, James Biddle.

Resolved, That the Master of the Shallop for quartering the men belonging to the Fire-Rafts, be allowed £5 per month.

That the Steward of said Boat be allowed ten Dollars per month.

By order of the Board Robert Morris, Esq˙, was applied to for four tons of Gunpowder, to fill up sixty Cartridges for the Boats; and, if Congress required, this Board will return the like quantity from the Cartridges now in the Boats.

Upon application of Colonel Francis for a quarter-cask of Gunpowder for the use of his Battalion of Rifle Associators, by order of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver him one-quarter cask of Powder.

Captain Richards having furnished a list of such necessaries as may be wanted by the Boats in time of engagement,

Resolved, That the list be completed, and that he be directed to procure, as soon as possible, every article contained in said list.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Committee of Lancaster to permit the makers of Rifle-Guns in that Borough to contract, under their care and with General McKinley, or such person as he shall empower, for forty Rifle-Guns, for the use of the Delaware Companies, provided that a certificate be produced to the said Committee from Colonel Miles that this Battalion is fully supplied before the said contract shall take place.

By order of the Board an Order was drawn on John Nixon and others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Mr˙ John Cauborn, for £300; which is directed to be charged to his account for sinking Chevaux-de-frise.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Owen Biddle be requested to write to George Taylor, Esq˙, and desire he would send down to this Board one of his four-pound Cannon, and to inform what quantity of Powder he used in proving the same.