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John Joiner appointed Commander of Fort Lyttleton, near Beaufort


Ordered, That the Contractor for victualling the Forces of this Colony already raised, be applied to, also to furnish rations for the Regiment of Artillery to be raised.

Ordered, That Mr˙ President do issue Commissions appointing John Joiner, Esquire, to be commander of Fort Lyttleton, near Beaufort; and also to appoint him to be Captain, and Tunes Tebout and Thomas Hughes, gentlemen, to be Lieutenants of a Company of Artillery.

Ordered, That Captain Benjamin Wofford have leave to trade here, upon his taking an oath to observe the strictest neutrality, agreeable to the late treaty of Ninety-Six.

Ordered, That Hon˙ Mr˙ Drayton' s Letter to Captain Robert Cunningham, dated the 21st of September last, and Captain Cunningham' s answer, dated the 6th of October, be forthwith printed in handbills, to be distributed amongst the inhabitants in the back country.

Ordered, That Mr˙ President do issue his Warrant for two thousand Pounds sterling, or fifteen thousand four hundred Pounds currency, to be paid out of the Treasury, to the Commissioners for fitting out the Ship Prosper, in order to be by them tendered to Captain — Smith, the late master, as payment of the purchase money, or value by appraisement.

And a Warrant was accordingly issued.

Adjourned to eleven o' clock, to-morrow.