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Committee on the Petition of George Armstrong


Samuel Holten, Esq˙, brought down a Bill empowering the Courts of General Sessions of the Peace within this Colony to grant Licenses to Innholders and Retailers in certain cases.

An engrossed Bill to confirm and establish the Resolves of the several Provincial Congresses in this Colony. Read, and passed to be enacted.

On a motion made by the Hon˙ Jerathmeel Bowers, Esq.,

Ordered, That Colonel Freeman bring in a Resolve directing and empowering Dr˙ Baylis, Colonel Williams, and Captain Toby, to repair to Swanzey, and inquire into the conduct of said Bowers and the treatment of him by some persons in that Town.

Mr˙ Dix reported that such was the situation of Mr˙ Gerry' s health, that he desired the House would excuse him from serving on the Committee to which he was this afternoon appointed; and he was excused accordingly.

Colonel Porter likewise desired to be excused from serving on said Committee; and having offered his reasons therefor, he was accordingly excused.

Resolved, That to-morrow morning, ten o' clock, be assigned for the choice of three persons on the above Committee, in the room of those gentlemen who have been excused.

A Petition of George Armstrong, praying a reward for his bravery at Noddle' s Island and Deer-Island, and other services as a volunteer in the American Army, was read, and committed to Captain Thatcher, Major Bliss, and Deacon Rawson.

Captain John Sloan' s Pay-Roll was recommitted to the Committee on Colonel Arnold' s Account.


Ordered, That there be paid out of the publick Treasury of this Colony to Joseph Otis, Esq˙, Captain Batchelder, and Mr˙ Daniel Hopkins, the sum of ten Pounds, lawful money, to be by them delivered to the Chief of the St˙ Fran├žois Tribe and the four Indians who attend him, as a present from this Court.

Also, Ordered, That the above Committee procure for, and present to the above Indians five Blankets, and lay their Accounts before this House.

In Council, August 23, 1775: Read and concurred.

The Committee on the Petition and Pay-Roll of Thomas Goldthwait, Esq˙, reported.

The Report was recommitted, and the Committee were instructed to bring in a Resolve directing that the payment of said Roll be made to the several persons mentioned therein, or to their order.

Ordered, That a Precept be issued to the Town of Oxford, directing the Inhabitants of that Town to choose some person to represent them in this Assembly, in the room of the late Captain William Watson, deceased.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Story, Colonel Orne, and Mr˙ Guile, be a Committee to prepare a Precept to be issued to the dispersed Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, requiring them to choose some person to represent them in this Assembly, in the room of the Honourable Samuel Adams, Esq˙, elected to the Board.

Then the House adjourned till to-morrow morning, eight o' clock.