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Committee to receive Donations


The Resolve of Council, appointing a Committee to receive Donations for the Poor of Boston, brought down, viz:

"In Council, August 16, 1775.

"Whereas this Board have received information that considerable sums of Money and quantities of Provisions have been already collected in all the United Colonies, at Great Britain and elsewhere, for the benefit of the poor sufferers by means of the Boston Port Bill, and others, in the Town of Boston and the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay, and that other collections are still making; and whereas the dispersion of the inhabitants of Boston and the Committee appointed by that Town to receive donations render it impossible that this service should now be performed by them,

"Resolved, That Samuel Adams, Joseph Palmer, and Moses Gill, Esquires, with such as the honourable House of Representatives of this Colony shall join, be a Committee for the future to receive all such donations as may be sent by the humane and charitable in this or any other Colony, for the benefit of the sufferers aforesaid; the said Committee to keep fair accounts of all they shall receive, and to be accountable to the General Court for the same."

Read and concurred; and Major Hawley, Colonel Barrett, Mr˙ Durfee, and Colonel Cutt, are joined to the Committee of the honourable Board.