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Egbert Benson to New-York Provincial Congress



Red-Hook, Dutchess County, N˙ Y˙, Nov˙ 28, 1775.

SIR: We have lately elected a new General Committee for this County, which met yesterday. Although the gentlemen have honoured me with the chair, yet, as I reside in the extreme part of the County, we found it very inconvenient that all matters respecting the County should previously come to me, especially when they are of such nature as to render a special meeting of the Committee necessary. We have therefore appointed a Committee of Correspondence for the County, consisting of the following gentlemen, to wit: Colonel Freer, Captain Platt, and Messrs˙ John Child, Paul Schenck, and Peter Tappen. The residence of those gentlemen being at Poughkeepsie, they can, with more ease and despatch, communicate to the County whatever intelligence they may, from time to time, receive, and summon the members of the Committee, in case of a special meeting, (which we have authorized them to do,) whenever they think it expedient. I am directed to advise the Congress of this matter, with a request that, for the future, all letters, directions, &c˙, respecting the County, may be sent and directed to our Committee of Correspondence.

I remain, by order of the Committee, your very humble servant, EGBERT BENSON, Chairman.

To Nathaniel Woodhull, Esq˙, President of the Provincial Congress.