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Letter from the Committee of Safety of Virginia to Lord Danmore


On consideration whereof, the Committee ordered the following Letter to be written to Colonel Corbin, which was delivered to him, viz:

"February 19, 1776.

"SIR: The Committee of Safety have considered the letter to you from Lord Dunmore, which you referred to them. You, sir, who are so well acquainted with the sentiments of the country we at present act for, must be satisfied they would be made exceedingly happy by a just and honourable reconciliation with Great Britain, without the further effusion of blood; but we are not authorized or inclined to intermeddle in the mode of negotiation to effect this desirable purpose. The Continental Congress have, in their last petition to the Throne, besought His Majesty to point out some mode for such negotiation; and if Administration, are disposed to heal this unnatural wound in the empire, they will embrace that occasion (which, probably, will be the last) of accomplishing it. At all events, any other steps to be taken must proceed from the Representatives of the Continent, and not from us. We shall, however, communicate the contents of this letter to the House of Burgesses, who meet by adjournment the first of March, and submit the matter to them, in case there should then be members


enough to proceed to business, or as soon after as such a number can be convened. In the mean time, if his Lordship has it in his inclination and power to serve the Colony, and avoid making the breach still wider, it may be manifested by his suspending hostilities against the inhabitants, until the ultimate intentions of His Majesty are known respecting any negotiation.

"We have the greatest confidence, sir, in your attachment to the real interests of America, and are satisfied your having communicated the contents of this letter to us proceeds from the best motives; and are, with great regard, sir, your most obedient, humble servant, for self and Committee.