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Governour Communicated Letters from William Maclay


Friday, September 29, 1775.

The Members appointed to wait on the Governour with a list of the Orders and Certificates of the House, to be paid by the Supply Bill now before him, reported they had delivered the same according to order.

The Govenour, by Mr˙ Secretary, laid before the House several letters from William Maclay, Esquire, Thomand Ball, and others, dated at Sunbury, Northumberland County, the 22d and 26th instant, acquainting his Honour "that


a party of the Connecticut intruders, supposed to be a detachment from Colonel Butler' s Regiment, consisting, as it is at present conjectured, of nearly three hundred men, arrived last Saturday night at Freeland' s Mill, on the Warriour' s Run, about thirteen miles distant from the said Town, and that they immediately began to intrench themselves; from which circumstance, and that they brought neither women nor children, but instead of them fortifying and intrenching tools, and are accompanied by some of the sellers of lands in this County, under Connecticut rights, it is presumed their visit cannot be amicable."

Ordered to lie on the table.