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Report on the defences of the Sea-coast


The Committee appointed to take into consideration the defenceless state of the Sea-Coast of this Province, do report, and humbly submit to the consideration of the Congress, the following as their opinion, viz: That the sea-coast from the Virginia line to Occacock-Inlet, as also the coast from Occacock to Bague-Inlet, and from that Inlet to the South-Carolina line, is totally defenceless, and all the sea-banks covered with cattle, sheep, and hogs, and the few inhabitants living on the banks are chiefly persons whose estates consist in live stock, and exposed to the ravages of the small armed vessels and tenders; and that if the armed vessels and tenders are prevented from getting supplies of fresh provisions from the sea-coast, it will be impossible for the war to be of long continuance in this Province, as the seamen and soldiers will be afflicted with the scurvy and other diseases, arising from the constant use of salt provisions, and therefore be under the necessity of quitting the coast, and by that means save to the back inhabitants of this Province the very great trouble and heavy expense of frequently coming down to the assistance of their brethren on the sea-board.

Your Committee further submit to the consideration of the Congress the necessity there is of raising another Regiment, and stationing six Companies out of the same, on the sea-coast for its defence, in the following manner, viz: two Companies from the Virginia line to Occacock-Inlet, two Companies between Occacock-Inlet and Bogue-Inlet, and two Companies between Bogue-Inlet and the South-Carolina line; and that it be recommended to the Continental Congress to take the said Regiment into Continental pay, first fully assuring the Congress of the necessity of such a measure.


Ordered, That the said Report lie for consideration till to-morrow.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hooper and Mr˙ Penn be added to the Committee of Secrecy, War, and Intelligence.

Mr˙ Spicer, Mr˙ Hunt, and Mr˙ Tignal Jones, have leave to absent themselves for a few days.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Rochester, Mr˙ Dickson, Mr˙ Lawrence Baker, Mr˙ William Williams, Mr˙ Thomas Harvey, and Mr˙ Benajah Doty, be added to the Committee of Claims and Military Accounts.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Thomas Person, Mr˙ Kinchen, Mr˙ Thomas Jones, Mr˙ Whitmell Hill, Mr˙ Locke, Mr˙ Cumming, Mr˙ William Williams, and Mr˙ Thomas Benbury, be a Committee to prepare a number of Resolves to expedite the business for emitting Money.

The Recruiting Officer having certified that Mr˙ Charles W˙ Jacocks was duly elected a Delegate for the County of Bertie, pursuant to a Resolve issued from this Congress the 10th instant, the said Mr˙ Jacocks appeared and took his seat.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.