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Letter from Captain Pickering, Offer of Mr. Nettles to contract for pork; agreed to, Offer of Mr. Willaman to contract for beef


Navy Board, Thursday, 14th November, 1776.

The Board met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Edward Blake, Esquire, First Commissioner, Thomas Corbett, Josiah Smith, Geo˙ Abbott Hall, Esqs.

Read the Minutes of the last meeting.

Received a Letter from Zechariah Nettles, offering to contract for one hundred and sixty barrels of Pork, at £15 per barrel; which was agreed to.

A Letter was also received from Jacob Willaman, offering to supply two hundred barrels Beef, and the same quantity of Pork. Rejected.

The Pilot-Boat Hibernia, being out of repair, and at the request of the proprietors, discharged the service.

The Board are of opinion that there is an absolute necessity for two Pilot-Boats to attend the Bar, as they find that one Boat is not adequate to the service, being frequently obliged to be cleaned:

Therefore Resolved, That application be made to the President, acquainting him of the necessity of having two Boats constantly to attend the Bar and Harbour of Charlestown, and that he will be pleased to give directions for the purchasing, building, or hiring another Boat for that purpose.

Agreed, That the First Commissioner do wait on the President, to inform him of the above Resolution.

Agreed, To draw on the Treasurer for the following sums. In favour of —

28. No˙ 6. Alexander Baldridge, for 5 barrels Flour at, £8, £108 6 4
28. No˙ 7. Aaron McWhorter and Jno˙ Sturgeon, 8 barrels Flour, at £8, 137 10 4
28. No˙ 8. Philip Hart, 20 barrels Flour, at £8 168 8 0
28. No˙ 8. Philip Hart, 12 barrels Flour, at £8 10s., 220 13 2
28. No˙ 9. Chas˙ Morgan and E˙ Sawyer, 153 yards Oznaburg, at 20s˙, 153 0 0
28. No˙ 10. Fred' k David Cruger, 16 1/2 gal˙ Linseed Oil, at 90s˙, 74 5 0
28. No˙ 11. John Dorsuis, 3,366 lbs˙ Bar Iron, at £12 10s˙, 420 15 0
32. No˙ 12. Alex' r Elsinore, paid his wife part of wages, 40 0 0
32. No˙ 13. Woodward Flowers, 579 lbs˙ Indico, at 25s˙, £723 15 0
2. No˙ 14. Peter Prow, for mending the Comet' s 78 0 0
  £2,424 12 10


Adjourned to next Monday evening, six o' clock.