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A Special Committee


July 17, 1775.

The following Resolution was adopted, and transmitted to the Provincial Congress:

In Committee of Safety, Cambridge, July 17, 1775.

Whereas, the honourable Provincial Congress by a commission issued to this Commitee, bearing date July 8th, have authorized and empowered this Committee to make such further provision for the reception, sustenance, land support of the Poor of Boston and Charlestown as have or may come out of said Towns, as shall appear necessary for their comfortable support, according to the intention of Congress: this Committee, although ever ready to obey


all the orders and directions of the honourable Congress that they may receive, are, notwithstanding, of opinion, that the above order respecting the poor inhabitants of the Towns of Boston and Charlestown is of such importance, and requires such attention to carry it into execution, that this Committee presume, with permission, that it will better answer the purposes designed, should a special Committee for that purpose be appointed by the honourable Congress, the business already before this Committee being such as will not admit of their attending to this matter unless they should neglect other Business of importance. The Committee therefore pray the honourable Congress would take this affair under consideration, and conduct therein as to them in their wisdom shall seem meet.



To the Honourable Provincial Congress.