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General Montgomery to New-Hampshire Committee of Safety



Ticonderoga, August 19, 1775.

SIR: The command of the Troops having devolved on me during the absence of General Schuyler for a few days, I do myself the honour of acknowledging your favour in behalf of the Committee of Safety of New-Hampshire, bearing date the 7th instant.

I cannot help thinking three companies, such as you describe them, and under an officer of Colonel Bedel' s


character, a very seasonable re-enforcement, the Troops here being much weakened by sickness, and the pressing urgency of the occasion will not permit the General to wait for all the New-York levies destined for this service.

Every intelligence from Canada evinces the necessity of a vigorous and speedy effort to crush their naval armament before it gets abroad, however ill prepared we may be to encounter a well appointed enemy, though few in numbers. There is great reason to believe it will not be a disagreeable visit to the inhabitants, who seem very sensible of the blessings of liberty, and wish to shake off the yoke of tyranny. May we have the honour of accomplishing it?

When your Committee consider how much we are pressed in time, you will excuse the irregularity of my requesting Col˙ Bedel to march without waiting your immediate directions. With respect to your warm recommendations of that gentleman, I can only say, that I make no doubt General Schuyler will be happy to pay all the attention to them the Congress have put in his power.

I have the honour to be, Sir, with the deepest sentiments of esteem for your respectable body, your most obedient and very humble servant,

RICHARD MONTGOMERY, Brigadier-General.

To Matthew Thornton, Esq˙, Chairman of the Committee of Safety for New-Hampshire.