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Meeting of the Commities for the New-Hampshire Grants



At a meeting of Committees appointed by a large body of Inhabitants on the east side of the range of Green Mountains, held at Westminster, on the 11th day of April, 1775;

1.Voted, That Major Abijah Lovejoy be the Moderator of this meeting.

2.Voted, That Doctor Reuben Jones be the Clerk.

3.Voted, as our opinion, That our inhabitants are in great danger of having their property unjustly, cruelly, and unconstitutionally taken from them by the arbitrary and designing administration of the Government of New-York, sundry instances having already taken place.

4.Voted, as our opinion, That the lives of those inhabitants are in the utmost hazzard and imminent danger, under the present administration — witness the malicious and horrid massacre of the night of the 13th ultimo.

5.Voted, as our opinion, That it is the duty of said inhabitants, as predicated on the eternal and immutable law of self-preservation, to wholly renounce and resist the administration of the Government of New-York, till such time as the lives and property of those inhabitants may be secured by it; or till such time as they can have opportunity to lay their grievances before his most gracious Majesty in Council, together with a proper remonstrance against the unjustifiable conduct of that Government, with an humble petition to be taken out of so oppressive a jurisdiction, and either annexed to some other Government, or erected and incorporated into a new one, as may appear best to the said inhabitants, to the royal wisdom and clemency, and till such time as His Majesty shall settle this controversy.

6.Voted, That Colonel John Hazeltine, Charles Phelps, Esq˙, and Colonel Ethan Allen, be a Committee to prepare such remonstrance and petition for the purpose aforesaid.