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Letter from Dr. Franklin to Lord Howe: Did not immediately answer his favour of the 16th past, because he found that his corresponding with his Lordship was disliked



Philadelphia, September 8, 1776.

MY LORD: I received your favour of the 16th past. I did not immediately answer it, because I found that my corresponding with your Lordship was disliked by some members of Congress. I hope now soon to have an opportunity of discussing with you, vivâ voce, the matters mentioned in it; as I am, with Mr˙ Adams and Mr˙ Rutledge, appointed to wait on your Lordship, in consequence of a desire you expressed in some conversation with General Sullivan, and of a resolution of Congress made thereupon, which that gentleman has probably before this time communicated to you.

We propose to set out on our journey to-morrow morning, and to be at Amboy on Wednesday about nine o' clock, where we should be glad to meet a line from your Lordship, appointing the time and place of meeting. If it would be agreeable to your Lordship, we apprehend that either at the house on Staten-lsland opposite to Amboy, or at the Governour' s house in Amboy, we might be accommodated with a room for the purpose.

With the greatest esteem and respect I have the honour to be, my Lord, &c˙,


To Lord Howe.