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Lord George Germaine to Major-General Howe



Whitehall, February 7, 1776.

SIR: Since my letter to you of the 1st instant, I have received your despatches of the 19th and 26th of December, by which I had the satisfaction to find that four victualling ships from England were arrived at Boston, and I have just now learned by a note from Mr˙ Robinson to Mr˙ Pownall, that there is advice of two others having got in. This seasonable relief to the Army under your command is of great importance, at the same time the King very much approves the measures you have taken for procuring a supply of provisions from St˙ Eustatia, and of rice from the Colony of Georgia.

His Majesty observes, that you have very properly declined sending the remainder of the Sixty-Fifth Regiment to Halifax upon the advice you had received of the Twenty-Seventh being arrived there; this arrangement, however, does not make any alteration with regard to His Majesty' s intention that the commissioned and non-commissioned officers and invalids should be sent to Great Britain, but you will consider yourself at liberty to incorporate the private men of that regiment fit for service, either into the Twenty-Seventh Regiment, or any other corps that you shall think proper. I am, ċ, GEORGE GERMAINE.