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Committee for the upper part of Frederick County, Maryland


Baltimore, November 28, 1774.

The Committee for the upper part of Frederick County, Maryland, having met at Elizabethtown, on Saturday, the 26th of November, which was the day appointed for the delivery of John Parks' s chest of Tea, in consequence of his agreement published in the Maryland Journal, of the 16th ultimo:

After a demand was made of the same, Mr˙ Parks offered a chest of Tea, found on a certain Andrew Gibson' s plantation, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, by the Committee for that place, which Tea he declared was the same he promised to deliver.

The Committee are sorry to say that they have great reason to believe, and indeed with almost a certainty, that the said chest of Tea was in Cumberland County at the time Parks said, upon oath it was at Christian Bridge.

After mature deliberation, the Committee were of opinion that John Parks should go with his hat off, and lighted torches in his hands, and set fire to the Tea: which he accordingly did, and the same was consumed to ashes, amidst the acclamations of a numerous body of people. The Committee were also of opinion, that no further intercourse should be had with the said Parks. Every friend to liberty is requested to pay due attention to the same.

Voted, The Thanks of this Committee to that of Cumberland County, for their prudent and spirited behaviour upon the occasion. Signed by order of the Committee,

JOHN STULL, President.