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Governour Trumbull to Doctor Joseph Warren



Hartford, May 4, 1775.

SIR: Your letter of the 2d of May instant, is received. You may be informed from our letter to Brigadier-General Putnam, what is already done by our General Assembly, and need not fear our firmness, deliberation, and unanimity to pursue the measures which appear best for our common delence and safety, and in no degree to relax our vigilant preparations for that end, and to act in union and concert with our sister Colonies, and shall be cautious of trusting promises which may be in the power of any one to evade. We hope no ill consequences will attend our embassy to General Gage.

Should be glad to be furnished with the evidences duly authenticated concerning the attack on the 19th of April last, at Lexington, which it is presumed you have taken. Though we are at a distance from the distressing scene before your eyes, yet are most sensibly affected with the alarming relations of them.

I am, in behalf of the Governour and Company, Sir, your most obedient humble servant,


To the Honourable Joseph Warren, Esquire.