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Governour Trumbull to General Washington



Middletown, December 23d, 1776.

SIR: I am honoured with your favour o t he 12th instant. It gives me great satisfaction to find that the plan we have


adopted for supplying the new Army with necessaries meets with your approbation.

I fully agree with you in sentiment as to the importance of having a sufficient regular force in the spring. Am informed the inlistments for that purpose in the corps under General Spencer is in danger of being retarded for want of money to advance the premium for inlisting, of which he is wholly destitute in his present department. Hope the speediest measures may be taken to supply this defect, and have mentioned the subject to Congress in my letter of this date, as I fear the consequences of a delay.

Your Excellency is doubtless informed that a part of the enemy' s fleet and army are gone to the eastward. They lay before New-London several days, which occasioned many of our Militia to assemble at that town. The enemy have since landed and taken possession of Rhode-Island. Their fleet consists of upwards of eighty sail. The account of the number of their troops varies from four to eight thousand, including invalids. The Militia that are assembled at and near Providence, from the neighbouring States, are said to be about ten thousand. The future movements of the enemy on this side the North River cannot be foreknown; however, I shall endeavour to comply with your proposal in the disposition of the four regiments to be raised till the 15th March.

Our Assembly is now sitting, and there appears some probability that a considerable number of troops from this State will set forward for your assistance, but as the measures proposed for that purpose are in embryo, I cannot give any certain encouragement; but should the measures succeed, will give you the earliest intelligence, that suitable provisions may be made for them.

I am, with great truth and sincerity, sir, your most obedient, humble servant,

Jonth˙ Trumbull.

To his Excellency George Washington, Esq˙, General and Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the United States of America, at Head-Quarters.