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Mr. John Gill


Resolved, That the Resolve passed yesterday, directing the Receiver-General to pay Mr˙ John Gill six Pounds, seventeen Shillings, and eight Pence, be reconsidered.

Resolved, That John Davis, one of the persons taken from Long-Island and brought under guard to this Congress, be remanded to the Commander-in-Chief of the AmericanForces at Cambridge, being suspected to have deserted from Captain Foster' s Company in the Artillery, and engaged in the service of our enemies; that he be delivered, together with a copy of this Resolve, to such officer as the General shall appoint.

Resolved, That John Freeman, (a negro man,) one of the persons taken from Long-Island and brought under


guard to this Congress, be committed to the Jail in Cambridge, there to remain until he be discharged by order of this Congress, or some future House of Representatives, or by order of the Committee of Safety in case there is no Congress or House of Representatives then sitting; and the Jail Keeper is hereby directed to receive, detain, and provide for the said John accordingly.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Crane, Major Fuller, and Mr˙ Jewett, be a Committee to consider a Resolve of the Committee relative to Horses this day presented to Congress.

The Resolve of the Committee of Safety, relative to such Soldiers as have enlisted twice, was read, and again recommitted to Colonel Porter, Colonel Mosely, and Captain Stone.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Phillips, Mr˙ Kollock, and Mr˙ Robinson, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve, recommending to the inhabitants of this Colony not to kill any more Sheep till the General Assembly shall take some order hereon.