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Committee of Newburyport to the Committee of Safety



Newburyport, April 21,1775.

SIR: We have sent forward the bearer, to have your orders with all possible despatch by his return, whether the forces that are coming from the Province of New-Hampshire, and from the eastern parts of our Province, who, by expresses, are hastening along, should be sent back, especially those who live near the sea-shore. We are well informed numbers passed our River yesterday, at the upper Ferries, besides four Companies through this Town, on their way to you. We shall follow your directions, and, if ordered, take care to find expresses as far Eastward as necessary. We have a party of men from this Town (upwards of one hundred) upon their march to you. If they are not wanted, and you think proper, you can order our express to turn them back. We sent off last evening two field-pieces to you; if not wanted, they may be of some use here. We would be glad of your directions by our next Express, or by any safe opportunity, as soon as you can attend, how we shall act in case any Cutters should come in here, more especially if they bring land forces with them. If provisions of any sort are wanted, give us an account what sort, and we will forward what we are able, with all despatch. If, in giving answers to these inquiries, it be necessary for you to give any private information, please to direct to Benjamin Greenleaf, Esquire, sealed, and enclose it in another letter, with your information that may be communicated, sealed, to the Chairman of the Committee for this Town, by whose order, and in whose behalf, I am, Sir, your most humble servant,