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Letter from William Sever to Newburyport Committee


To the Committee of Safety of the Town of NEWBURYPORT, Greeting:

You are hereby requested to take into your custody and safe-keeping, William Erwin, Henry Wilkinson, mariners, John Gopety, rope-maker, John Wilson, nailer, Joseph Lushley, mariner, James Kendal, weaver, John McMaine, carpenter, and Robert Hute, cook, lately taken prisoners in tho ship Jenny, and brought into Gloucester, and to put them to such employment as you shall find them, individually, best qualified for; and if, by their conduct or conversation you may think it most conduCIVE to the publick safely that they be confined in jail, or otherwise, you are hereby authorized and empowered to cause them, or any of them, to be apprehended and put into close confinement, until the further order of the major part of the Council.

In the name, and by order of the Council: WILLIAM SEVER.

Council-Chamber, January 26, 1776.