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Report of the Committee appointed to employ two or more Vessels for a voyage to Europe, read and adopted


Die Martis, 3 ho˙ P˙ M˙, December 19, 1775.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: John Herring, Esq˙, President, pro tem.

For New-York. — Mr˙ John Van Cortlandt, Mr˙ Van Zandt, Colonel McDougall, Captain Rutgers, Mr˙ Scott, Mr˙ Ray, Mr˙ Sands, Colonel Brasher, Mr˙ Beekman, Mr˙ Imlay.

Albany. — Colonel Rensselaer, Capt˙ Cuyler, Mr˙ Bleecker, Mr˙ Gansevoort.

Ulster. — Mr˙ Wynkoop, Mr˙ Cantine, Mr˙ Palmer.

Westchester. — Doctor Graham, Mr˙ Paulding, Mr˙ Lockwood.

Suffolk. — Captain Wickham, Mr˙ Tredwell, Mr˙ Gelston.

Tryon. — Mr˙ Moore.

Dutchess.—Mr˙ Schenck, Mr˙ Humphreys.

Orange. — Mr˙ Herring, Colonel Hay, Mr˙ Clarke.

The Committee appointed to employ two or more vessels for a voyage to Europe, reported that they think it necessary to load two vessels with wheat, on account and risk of this Congress, for some port or ports in Europe, on the customary freight; that the owners run the risk of the vessels out, and be allowed three pence sterling per bushel extraordinary for such risk. That the common freights of such vessels are as follows, to wit:

For any port without the Straits, as far as Gibraltar, thirteen pence sterling per bushel; to Malaga, fourteen pence; to Allicant, fifteen pence; to Barcelona, sixteen pence; to Marseilles, seventeen pence.

That the said Committee had agreed to let one of the two vessels return with the return cargo to St˙ Eustativs, or St˙ Martins, for one hundred pounds currency; and that


the said Committee would give directions that the said goods brought in return, as soon as they arrived in the West-Indies, he shipped on board of different vessels, to bring them to the Continent, which the Committee conceive to be the most advantageous method. That the Committee have proposed to direct the whole property adventured to be invested in Gunpowder; and if Gunpowder is not to be purchased, to be invested in Saltpetre; if neither Saltpetre nor Gunpowder is to be had, then to be laid out in good Muskets. And if none of the before-mentioned articles are to be got, or not sufficient to expend the value of the cargoes adventured, then the property, or so much thereof as shall remain unexpended in those articles, to be laid out in goods of the following kinds, viz:

Russia Drilling; Raven' s Duck; Osnaburgs; Coarse Linens, from twelve to fifteen pence sterling per yard; Sheetings, from ten to twelve pence sterling per yard; Coarse Thread Hose, from twenty to twenty-five shillings sterling per dozen; Coarse Tandem Silesias, from seventeen to twenty shillings per piece; Vittery, fit for soldiers' shirting, or any other articles they may think will be wanting.

The said Report being read a second time, and approved of, the Congress unanimously agreed that the said Report stand confirmed, and that the Committee carry the said Report into execution; and

Resolved, That John Vanderbilt, Comfort Sands, and Jacobus Van Zandt, and each and every of them, shall be fully indemnified by this Congress, or the Committee of Safety, or the Congress of this Colony for the time being, against any bonds which they, or either of them, will be under the necessity to enter into at the Custom-House in New-York, for the said vessels and cargoes; and that in case any costs or damages shall accrue, by means of entering into such bonds, that all such costs and damages as may arise, happen, or accrue, by means thereof, shall be borne by this Colony; and

Ordered, That the Treasurer of this Congress pay to Jacobus Van Zandt, Comfort Sands, and John Vanderbilt, the sum of five thousand Pounds, in part to enable them to load the said vessels.